Ep. 37. Book Proposals that Sell with Industry Insider Terry Whalin

Season #3

EPISODE DESCRIPTION – Every writer will have to write a proposal if they want to sell what they've written. While screenwriters and authors need to include different elements in their pitches and proposals, there are overlaps as well. Join Zena as she gets the low down on dos and don'ts of book proposals and shares some of the overlaps from the screenwriting side.

While this episode skims the surface, Terry Whalin's book gives you more in-depth knowledge. Check out all of his links below.

Terry's blog with over 1600 searchable entries: http://terrywhalin.blogspot.com/

Get a free copy of Terry's book: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/aq5j0acu9o

Terry's book website: https://bookproposalsthatsell.com/

Get a free book proposal checklist: https://terrywhalin.com/get-the-book-proposal-checklist/

Terry's free teleseminar answering questions about book proposals: https://askaboutproposals.com/

Terry's LinkedIN profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/terrywhalin/

Terry's website: https://terrywhalin.com/

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