At THE STORYTELLER'S MISSION, we believe that STORY is the most powerful force in the universe. 



OUR TEAM is dedicated to helping storytellers wield this power more effectively by equipping, training, nurturing and inspiring writers to become true masters of their craft.







Zena has worked professionally in the entertainment industry for over 20 years as a writer, producer, director, actress, and story consultant. Zena also teaches advanced classes on writing at conferences all over the country, and as an adjunct professor at Covenant College in Georgia, Regent University in Virginia Beach, and at the acclaimed Act One: Writing for Hollywood program, where she recently came on board as the new Curriculum Director for the summer intensive writing program.

Zena has written award-winning screenplays, plays, and a number of articles on writing, religion, and trauma recovery. She’s also written comic books, most recently for IDW Publishing, and is currently writing her very first novel. Zena has won numerous awards for her work, including "Best International Short Film Director" for Rag Doll, two "Grand Prize" wins for her full-length feature script, "Trial by Fire," as well as many others.

Zena’s independent film production company, Mission Ranch Films, is currently in development on three feature thrillers. To find out more about these projects, visit the Mission Ranch Films website. 

In addition to her work as a filmmaker, Zena is also passionate about supporting other artists and storytellers on their journeys towards success. In March of 2020, Zena launched her podcast, The Storyteller’s Mission with Zena Dell Lowe, which is designed to serve the whole artist, not just address “how-to” questions. This in turn lead to the launch of The Storyteller’s Mission online platform, where she offers advanced classes on writing as well as a variety of other services to storytellers.

Zena’s passion is to equip and support all artists so that they will have everything they need to truly change the world for the better through story.



Christina is Zena’s cousin and fellow creative. When Christina was in high school, Zena would help her with audition material and introduce her to new musicals (which, of course, they would belt out at the top of their lungs). 

Now, there's nobody Zena relies on more than Christina for the every day administrative and creative sides of the business. Technically, Christina is the Director of Social Media and Online Marketing, but in actuality she does so much more. 

Christina is young, hip, and smart as a whip. She is full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm, and well-versed in entrepreneurial endeavors. Christina brings a ton of experience organizing, strategizing, and managing projects and personnel for start-up companies. She’s one of those people with a knack for creating order out of chaos; that rare combination of right-brained artist and left-brained administrator. She is elated to be a part of The Storyteller’s Mission, believing in and standing behind the ultimate goal of helping writers to “change the world for the better through story.” Zena could not be more thrilled to have Christina on board at STM.


In 2006, Zena was casting for a commercial project she was directing. This lead her to Gustav Froyd, a young man who had already mastered multiple trades, including the culinary arts. After working his way up the food chain from line cook to sous chef to Executive Chef at a prestigious restaurant in the Seattle area, Gustav transitioned to Hawaii, where he worked as the Executive Chef at a number of notable restaurants, primarily on Maui and the big island.

In 2015, Gustav decided to branch out on his own, becoming an independent consultant to new and established restaurants, where he used his vast organizational and management skills to help maximize food quality, efficiency, and profitability.

In 2019, Gustav returned to the mainland to be closer to his son. When Zena heard he was back from the islands, she promptly recruited him to use his super skills to help establish the infrastructure of The Storyteller's Mission. He is affectionately known as "The Man in the Chair" at Studio Z!

"Storytellers are dangerous. They have more power to influence culture than any other force in the universe."

~Zena Dell Lowe
The Storyteller's Mission Podcast






If you've ever listened to The Storyteller's Mission podcast, then you've probably heard my little dog snoring in the background.


My adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is my constant companion. Lulu is always with me when I record the podcast and the classes.


So, if you haven't seen or heard from her yet, don't worry. You will!


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