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"Zena has provided valuable insight for the contextual depth of my screenplays and treatments. Her quality advice and ideas for refining the natural progression of my character's story arc prompted me to dub her, “The Yoda of Screenwriting”. I couldn't have asked for more. She is a God-send."

Keith Offutt

"Zena treats even the most amateur writer as a professional. My personal experience as her student demanded enormous effort from me and in turn produced my best work as a screenwriter. Her expertise in molding narratives would be invaluable to even the most experienced writers in the business."

Sam Fortson

“Zena is not only a fantastic writer, but she’s also an incredible teacher! She encourages your creativity, but also makes sure you have both the imagination and the technical know-how to write an amazing screenplay. I wouldn’t be the creative writer I am today without her. I admire her so much.”

Kacy Polk