Ep.35. Stop Writing Trite Christian Fluff Pieces

Season #3

EPISODE DESCRIPTION –  Passion, purpose, and writing tips. Zena checks all the boxes in this captivating and controversial interview with Shari McGriff for her special event: Penning for a Purpose.

About Penning for a Purpose -
Why should you watch this event?

  • you're utterly horrified by the indoctrination of our kids and our culture--which writers have played a huge part in!
  • you believe that America is in trouble.
  • you are tired of the woke ideology.
  • you need to know what topics to focus writing about in both fiction and non-fiction projects,
  • you want to know what you can do TODAY and tomorrow to make a difference and turn America back to God and to our founding principles.

GET INVOLVED: This event will tell you how to get involved in winning the culture war and bringing hope.

TOPICS & THEMES: This event will give you ideas of topics and themes that you can include in your writing to bring hope and fight the enemy's agenda against our children and our culture.

YOU'RE NOT ALONE: This event will give you the kick in the pants you need to realize you're not alone in your frustration; it's time to take action and write about subjects that matter and that you absolutely CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE with your writing!


--Kelly Stigliano, Author & Speaker
---Lt. Col (ret) Darin Gaub, Restore Liberty
---Rocklyn Grace, Dystopian Novelist
--Shari McGriff, WIYC & The Writer's Academy
--Bruce Friedman, No Left Turn
--Rev. Paula Palmer Green, Covet2Prophesy
--Zena Dell Lowe, Actress, Screenwriter, & Producer
--Tanya Kacsan, Moms for Liberty
--and more!

Watch the rest of the interviews on the "Write Into Your High Calling" Rumble Channel: https://rumble.com/c/c-1175971.  


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