Expert Writing Advice from Comic Book Insider, David Avallone

Season #4

EPISODE DESCRIPTION – David Avallone is a writer and filmmaker. He writes on #batwheels for Warner Brothers Animation, and in 2024 he has a few new comic book series in stores, including horror comedy #ELVIRA MEETS HP LOVECRAFT, and his original comic series DRAWING BLOOD, co-created with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creator Kevin Eastman from Image. He hosts a couple of podcasts, including the award-winning THE WRITERS BLOCK. His comics work includes many iconic characters, like #Zorro, #Vampirella, #RedSonja, #theshadow, #DocSavage and John Carter/Dejah Thoris. His writing career began with #starwars stories for the West End role playing game, and he's gone back to prose only recently, with short fiction on classic characters Kolchak and Nick Carter. He is the son of prolific novelist Michael Avallone and women’s rights activist Fran Avallone. He lives in Hollywood, California with his delightful wife Augusta and three mischievous cats

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