Ep3. Seven Keys to Unlocking Great Stories for Christian Writers, Producers, Publishers, and Consumers

Season #3

EPISODE DESCRIPTION – I know what you're thinking. Can Zena get through 7 evaluative criteria in one 20 minute episode? The answer is no. No, she can't. And that is a great thing!   

Zena gives weight where it is due by breaking down the first two criteria that are essential to provide the framework for great stories. She thoroughly explores them individually and as integral parts of one another. The practical examples of how story can go wrong and how that wrong can be righted aide in the understanding and applicability of these first two essential principles.

And then she leaves us hanging...

UP NEXT - Stay tuned for next week where Zena will dive deeper into this phenomenal list of 7 Keys to Unlock Great Stories for Christian Writers, Producers, Publishers, and Consumers.

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