Ep2. Six Key Reasons Why Christians Are Afraid to Write Rated R Stories

Season #3

EPISODE DESCRIPTION –  Kids G rated movies may lack sex, violence, and language, but there can still be themes of atheism and nihilism woven into their fabric. Some R-rated material causes deep introspection when dealing with adult issues, but may include sex, language, and/or violence. But which has the potential to be more damaging?

Zena takes us on another exciting ride of truth and passion as she unveils why our evaluative criteria for stories and how our typical solutions of avoidance are outdated and can be reckless rather than "safe". Zena presents seven new criteria that Christians should adopt to evaluate the worthiness of a project. 

Read the article Zena mentions from The Collision, check that out here.

UP NEXT - Zena starts to unpack these 7 criteria. You won't want to miss it!

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