#50: SPECIAL EPISODE: In this Keynote Presentation from Day 2 at The Well, Zena Demonstrates Four Clever Ways to Employ Visual Images that will Instantly Increase the Power of Your Story

Season #2

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EPISODE DESCRIPTION – There are things that we can do as a Christian community to up our game as storytellers and to not rely so heavily on message. Simply put, we must begin using visual images to convey deeper levels of meaning in our stories.  We elevate the craft of writing and take our skills to the next level when we master these techniques. We will be able to accomplish Maya Angelou talks about, where our stories "slide past the brain and go straight to the heart." The way to accomplish this is through the employment of visual images, but how do we avoid drawing attention to our techniques? We want to engage the heart. And employing visual images helps us to accomplish this, but what exactly does that look like? Tune in to this keynote and you'll find out.

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UP NEXT - Next week, we will explore four key professional breakthroughs Zena has had as a writer that you can appropriate for your own life and career.

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