#43: Crucial Factors Writers Must Overcome to Successfully Engage Culture in Story

Season #2

Last week we discussed the importance of empathy. Not only for ourselves as writers, but for developing dynamic and engaging characters. 

This week, we take that same principle and dive deeper as we apply it to our lives and our writing to think about the way we engage culture. Now as a storyteller, writing coach, and artist myself, I tend to see a very common thread that leads to, well, not so good stories. 

 That common thread is fear. 

I want to challenge us in this episode to really look at our role in society both as artists, and as Christians, and see where we are letting fear affect our writing. We need not be afraid to address the hard aspects of life. If we are going to change the world through story then we can’t take a sanitized view of the world. In fact, we need to address the world as it really is and reveal that there really is a way out of sin, pain, suffering and anxiety that exists within every person.

So we need not be afraid! Follow me on this journey of confronting our fears and facing the world with a bold faith, knowing that Christ called us to be in the world, but not of the world.  

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UP NEXT - Next week, we take this premise and apply it to our writing as we dive into the difference between ‘Kind’ and ‘Nice’ and how it will change the live’s of your characters.

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