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This course will teach you how to master the technical components of industry standard formatting in an artistic way so that you can finally take your career to the next level.

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Mistakes in formatting automatically signal to the reader that you're an amateur. Your script never even gets read. It goes straight into the garbage. 


There's a common misconception that screenplays are dry, boring, technical documents but the best scripts are as riveting as your favorite novel.


You may have taken a course on screenwriting before, but chances are, you've never been taught what you really need to know to excel.  

No Other Class On Screenplay Writing 

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What You'll Get From This Online Course:

✅ 5 Comprehensive and In-Depth Modules 

✅ 25+ Hours of Practical, Easy-to-Apply Video Content Taught by Zena Dell Lowe

✅ 25+ Hours of Designated Student Tutorials 

✅ A Multitude of Helpful Handouts with In-Depth Examples and Explanations

✅ 15 Downloadable Full-Length Feature Scripts Written by Some of Hollywood's Greats 

✅ 2 Self-Assessment Tests

✅ Multiple Writing Exercises and Assignments

✅ Walk-Through Tutorials of Final Draft and Other Tools to Help You Crush It!

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WEEK 1   

➡️ WELCOME MODULE & overview of how to maximize the knowledge of this course.

➡️ The ESSENTIALS of Industry-Standard Formatting for Screenplays in MUCH MORE DEPTH than other courses, so that you’ll know WHAT the rules are, WHY they exist, WHEN to use them,  and HOW to maximize their FULL POTENTIAL.

➡️ A SCENE-BY-SCENE APPROACH to writing screenplays so that you will be able to execute your scripts with excellence from the get-go. 

➡️ How to KEEP YOUR READERS ENGAGED from the opening scene to the final FADE OUT.

WEEK 2   

➡️ DEFINITIVE RULES for SLUG LINES, ACTION LINES, TRANSITIONS, CAMERA DIRECTIONS and more, as well as the EXCEPTIONS -- all of those SPECIAL and HIDDEN RULES that no one tells you about.

➡️ The FOUR COMPONENT PARTS OF A SCENE and how scenes should unfold, including what information you need TO REVEAL at the beginning of each scene to SET THE TONE, USE VISUAL IMAGES, and CAPTURE the on-screen ACTION.   

➡️ How to STRUCTURE the scene itself so that it's DYNAMIC, has its own ARC, DRIVES THE STORY FORWARD, and helps REVEAL the INTERNAL EMOTIONAL ARC of your main character. (In other words, how to MILK IT for all it’s worth!)

➡️ How to include good SET-UPS and PAY-OFFS organically and BUILD SUSPENSE from the beginning of your story.

WEEK 3   

➡️ A crash course in FILM TERMINOLOGY so that you’ll be better equipped to write for the production process. It's like going to film school but better since you'll skip the tedious stuff and only dive into the areas that you need to know!

➡️ A breakdown of the FILMMAKING PROCESS as a whole, PRODUCTION PROTOCOLS, and YOUR ROLE in that process.

➡️ The TYPES OF SHOTS that are available to you to highlight as a screenwriter, plus WHEN and HOW to use them most effectively to achieve DEEPER LEVELS OF MEANING in your story.

➡️ How to write SOUND CUES and SPECIAL EFFECTS correctly, when to use (V.O.) versus (O.S.) versus (O.C.), how to "cheat" close-ups or highlight PROPS, CAMERA DIRECTIONS, MUSIC, SUPERS, and more. You'll learn to APPLY the RIGHT TOOLS at the RIGHT TIME EVERY TIME to MAXIMIZE THE DRAMATIC POTENTIAL of your story. 

WEEK 4   

➡️ How to use CHARACTER ACTIONS, BEHAVIORS, and  VISUAL IMAGES to help drive the plot.

➡️ What you must do to HOOK YOUR AUDIENCE and KEEP READERS emotionally ENGAGED in the MAIN CHARACTER ARC. 

➡️ What INFORMATION is important and relevant in a CHARACTER INTRODUCTION and what to leave out, as well as how to INTRODUCE MULTIPLE CHARACTERS at one time without confusing your readers or overwhelming the audience. 

➡️ Tons of REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES, HANDOUTS, SCRIPT EXCERPTS, VIDEO CLIPS, writing ASSIGNMENTS and even ASSESSMENTS to help you improve in a PRACTICAL way as you advance through the course.

WEEK 5  

➡️ An in-depth TUTORIAL of FINAL DRAFT so that you'll know which features of the screenwriting software are relevant to you versus which parts should only be used by a production company.

➡️ SCRIPT BINDING, COVER PAGES, and COMMON MISTAKES that screenwriters make upon submission that cause the powers-that-be to give them a pass.

➡️ What NEXT STEPS to take as a screenwriter to ADVANCE to the NEXT LEVEL in your career.

➡️ And MORE, so much more!

This Course Covers Everything You Need To Know To Be Able To Write Like An Industry Pro And Become A True Master Of The Craft. 

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First time writing a screenplay? You'll acquire all the skills and knowledge you need to be able to write like a seasoned pro and launch a viable screenwriting career!



Are you a trained screenwriter who still hasn't managed to break into the industry? You'll learn what your other classes failed to teach you and more so you'll be equipped for success!

Anyone who wants to learn how to write professional screenplays in the shortest timeframe possible!

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"Zena, I want to thank you personally for the amazing input you provided during this class. I think it's probably some of the best content I've heard in relation to writing in a long while."


Top Ten Things You’ll Be Able To Do Upon Completion:

Become an expert at industry-standard formatting for screenplays


Maximize the artistic possibilities of the medium


Feel more confident about presenting your work to other industry professionals


Get past the gatekeepers and into the rooms with decision-makers to start making deals


Gain the respect of your peers who will see you as an industry pro


Radically improve your chances of having your screenplay made into a movie


Quit that soul-sucking day job because you work in Hollywood for reals now, yo!


Unlock new levels of creativity and imagination!


Fall in love with movies and writing all over again!


Maybe even win an award!



You just have to be willing to do the hard work.  

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It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, or how much experience you have. FORMATTING AS AN ARTFORM helps screenwriters of all levels to improve their skills and achieve success.

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About Zena Dell Lowe

Writer, Producer, Speaker, Teacher, Story Coach, and Podcast Host


Zena has worked professionally in the entertainment industry for over 20 years as a writer, producer, actress, and story consultant. As the current V.P. of Development at Amaris Media International, Zena acquires and develops previously written material for potential film and television production. 

In addition to her work as a filmmaker, Zena has a passion to nurture the talents of others. She teaches advanced online classes for writers through her company, The Storyteller's Mission, is a frequent speaker at writers conferences all over the country, is an adjunct professor at two college universities, and hosts the popular weekly podcast, The Storyteller’s Mission with Zena Dell Lowe.

Zena loves story and storytellers. Her goal is to equip writers of all levels to achieve personal and professional success, and maybe, just maybe, change the world for the better through story.


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"I've been looking for advanced writing instruction, and you definitely provided it. Everything you taught was beneficial. Truly, your class was immensely helpful."




"You are a class act.  I thoroughly enjoyed your workshops. I will never look at movies the same. And I will never write the same."



"I have been looking over all the notes you [provided].  They are amazing.  Your classes were great, but your generosity in sharing all of this information is the best I have ever seen from a teacher."  


"Excellent!  All of her presentations. She is passionate, interesting and informative."


"Dynamic! Useful information."


"Excellent! Great information about plotting and great handouts."


"Informative, and great examples!"


"Just wonderful!"


"Excellent out of the box approach to writing.  Zena yielded great insights into how to blend conversation and action in the most effective way."

"Zena’s classes were amazing. Packed so much information in while also maintaining an authentic, nurturing manner."

"The best class I've taken in years!"

"This class took me to the next level of writing. So much to think about. Zena was delightful."

"I don't know how Zena could have done a better or more thorough job. This was outstanding. Lots to apply to learning over this next year. So grateful!"


"Excellent!!  Organized and offered practical suggestions."

"Excellent.  The best.  Such good detailed information.  So vividly presented."


"Excellent, most informative, enjoyed her presentation style very much."


"Lots of energy and passion for her craft.  Gave me great inspiration."


"Excellent!  High energy, organized, entertaining, and informative.  A very good speaker and knowledgeable resource."


"Excellent!!  Knows her stuff.  Kept my interest through all sessions."

"Zena gave me my first ever exposure to screenwriting and I couldn’t have asked for a better foundation! I’ve now been working in Hollywood for several years and everything Zena taught me continues to serve me well."


MamaBear Studios

"Zena Dell Lowe captivates her audience. I could picture and understand what I need to do to enliven my stories. Her passion instilled in me a new excitement to become a better writer." 



"Zena is an incredible teacher! She encourages your creativity, but also makes sure you have both the imagination and the technical know-how to write an amazing screenplay. I wouldn’t be the creative writer I am today without her. I admire her so much."