How to Shine at a Writers Conference: Insider Tips

Season #4

EPISODE DESCRIPTION – In this unplanned and candid episode, Zena and Larry share their post-conference reflections, revealing unexpected insights on how to stand out at writers' conferences. They recount their personal experiences from the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. Their conversation offers a refreshing blend of humor, honesty, and practical advice, making this episode a must-listen for writers looking to navigate the conference scene with authenticity and impact. Whether you're a seasoned conference-goer or new to the scene, their shared wisdom promises to deepen your understanding of networking and leaving a lasting impression in the literary world. Tune in to discover more about their unexpected journey and gain insights that could transform your approach to writerly gatherings.

Larry Leech II
Author, Editor-in-Chief - Bold Vision Books
Writing coach of award-winning authors and recently named Editor-in-Chief at Bold Vision Books, Larry J. Leech II has spent more than forty years writing and editing. He started his career as a sportswriter in southwestern Pennsylvania where he covered prep sports, as well as the Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers. In 2004, after 2,300 published articles and 13,000 interviews, Larry shifted to writing and editing. Since that time, he has ghostwritten 30 books, edited more than 400 manuscripts, and coached hundreds of authors through the writing and publication process. For more than a decade Larry has taught at numerous general market and inspirational conferences nationwide. You can find him online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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