From Script to Screen: Josh Smith’s Directing Insights and Writing Evolution

Season #4

EPISODE DESCRIPTION – Tune in to this special episode with one of Zena's coaching clients as he debriefs and talks about what it was like going from the writing stage into directing his first short film. Insights abound! Watch this to be inspired and glean new tips that are sure to boost your writing journey as well.

Dr. Joshua Damu Smith is an English Professor, a pastor, a saxophonist and a writer/director. Currently, he is conducting research for a book comparing Harriet Beecher Stowe with Quentin Tarantino and is in postproduction for his first short film titled Decaf. He is also the CEO of Zoe Center, a non-profit organization committed to mobilizing volunteers to serve the highest good. In addition to his duties as a corporate leader, he teaches at the Torrey Honors College, a classical studies program at Biola University. With all of his responsibilities, he manages to find quiet moments to read comic books and spend time with his wife, Marsee, and sons, Josué and Angelo.

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