Ep9. Counterculture Boundaries: Five Key Indicators That Today's "Self-Love" Craze is Making You More Selfish

Season #3

EPISODE DESCRIPTION – Are you setting boundaries in your personal life? Boundaries can be helpful and healthy, but they can also be a tool utilized to manipulate, whether we do it knowingly or not. This week, join Zena as she guides you through some of the confusion surrounding boundaries in popular culture today and how you can go about deciphering which boundaries are healthy and which are leading you down a more destructive path.

Five key indicators unpacked in this episode—
Boundaries made:
1. With hard-nosed lines with a spirit of unkindness.
2. With no discussion when the boundary is set and a refusal to engage in legitimate dialogue.
3. Solely for the purpose of self-protection, with no regard for the other's POV.
4. Based only on the boundary setter's preferences, where the other is considered "less than".
5. With demands placed on others masked as self-care, but in reality as a need to control or have power over the other.

And what does all this self-improvement have to do with writing? A lot! The better we know ourselves and human psychology, the better we can tell the truth through our stories. These are the very fundamentals of storytelling that are not talked about enough.
UP NEXT - But alas! We will get deep, deep into craft. Zena is laying the foundations, starting at the bottom, getting back to the basics. So many times, we can get caught up in what is the next rung on the ladder and we forget about all the others that got us there. See the value of these fundamentals as we work our way to craft, building up to be the best artists we can be in 2023.

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