#51: Four Professional Breakthroughs I've had as a Writer that have Immediately Improved My Outcomes

Season #2

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EPISODE DESCRIPTION – Today, I want to share four techniques I've developed that have helped me navigate the business side of my writing career. Namely, those times when I have to meet with the powers that be for one reason or another. I used to get really weird when it came to meeting the powers that be in the business. I would get so insecure, I would be so in my head, I would be terrified. And I would get weird. I didn't know how to talk to people, I didn't know how to even be myself or be comfortable in my own skin. And consequently, I didn't do as well as maybe I should have or could have done. 

We all just want to make a good impression. We want other people to like us. And sometimes that may cause us to get a little weird. If this is you, then join me as I share four key techniques that I've developed that have immediately improved my ability to navigate the professional side of this business, and have lead to improved success and better outcomes. 

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