#48: SPECIAL EPISODE: In this Keynote Presentation at The Well Creativity Conference, Zena Unravels Key Mistakes that Faith-based Writers Make

Season #2

In this special keynote presentation, Zena discusses key mistakes that faith-based writers make, which alienate audiences rather than give them life.  Certain storytelling techniques bring "death," because they make readers feel judged, isolated, misunderstood, and hopeless.

For storytellers who have a "message" for their readers, Zena shows a better way. Rather than preaching directly to the audience, Zena shows how to employ a story within the story in a way that allows the audience to eagerly receive. 

This episode will be of special interest to anyone who has personally struggled with trauma. Zena shares parts of her own story in a transparent, authentic way so as to unravel the concepts of which she speaks, including how we must enter into the "spiritual" realm through the muck and mire of humanity. After all, Christianity does not trump humanity. It is only through our humanness that truly spiritual things can be grasped.