#47: Immediately Improve Your Ability to Set Goals and Meet Deadlines with This One Easy Tip

Season #2

Last Week I gave you my 10 Essential Principles for creating an active hero. This week we go into the writer's dilemma of procrastination, or putting aside our writing projects for things that feel more urgent.

The first thing I've realized is that I need to set goals. Places to submit my work where others will judge and critique it. This is helpful for writers because not only does it create a deadline that you can't push back, but it allows you to see where you are in the market place of ideas. Where does your story fall? Is your writing up to the level you need it to be to compete? Etc.

The second thing I've realized is that, because a novel, or a screenplay can seem so large, and take so long in comparison to other smaller projects (i.e. laundry, weeding, dishes) writers tend to put it off completely. The best way to combat this is to set small weekly goals. Ten pages a week for example is one that I frequently use. Which leads me to number three.

These smaller weekly goals are helpful to me because it allows me to reframe the way I see my progress and ultimately view my work. If I only got three pages written one day, out of the entirety of the novel that seems pretty small. However, if I got 3 pages done, and I've set the goal of 10 pages for myself that week, then I only have 7 pages left. Do you see how that feels less daunting?

Listen here for a more in depth discussion on how I have learned to reframe and overcome the  tyranny of the urgent to finish my WIPs. 

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