Two Easy Tips to Immediately Maximize the Dramatic Potential of Each Scene

Season #2 Episode #36


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EPISODE DESCRIPTION - Today, I'm sharing tips number 3 and 4 of some of the aha moments I've had as a writer. find a way to dramatize the information that you reveal. 

#3: Find a way to dramatize the information you reveal. 

When I tried to write my first novel, I ended up revealing a lot of things through the character's head. I'm in the character's head describing to the audience what my character was thinking or feeling. When I dramatized the scenes so that the information came out through dialogue, it was a much more dynamic way to have the information revealed. So, learn how to dramatize the information by creating justifiable scenarios, or dialogue exchanges or conflict events between characters. It's just a way better way for the audience to learn it. 

#4: Scenes are mini dramas. 

Every single story is composed of scenes. You have one scene plus another scene plus another scene. And you keep doing that until you finish your story. But in that scene, the scene itself needs to go somewhere. The scene itself needs to have an arc, the scene itself needs to change where the character is at emotionally. So, each scene is a mini drama that needs to alter the internal emotional state of your character, or your audience's perception or experience of what's happening.

UP NEXT - Next week, we will discuss a surefire way to do setups and payoffs that will leave your audience begging for more.


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