Unlocking the Secret of How to Write Great Setups and Payoffs

Season #2 Episode #37

S2_E37. Unlocking the Secret of How to Write Great Setups and Payoffs

One of the best things I ever learned in terms of setups and payoffs is how to make a setup ne barely noticeable. A truly good setup is something that the audience shouldn't be aware of, let alone expect a payoff to come from it. The problem is that audiences today are so  sophisticated that they see them coming 1000 miles away. They know when they've been set up. And when an audience member knows they've been set up in either a novel or a movie,  they wait for it to come back into play. They expect you to do something with it later, which diminishes their delight and surprise. So how do you fool your audience? How do you truly set them up without them knowing it? This entire episode is dedicated to the answer to this question, which is possibly the best trick I've ever learned as a writer.


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