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Screenplay Critique Service

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STEP 3:   Using one of the acceptable file formats listed on the intake form, upload your script to the secure link provided.

STEP 4:   Schedule the 2-hour ZOOM call by sharing three preferred dates and times on the intake form (see below for expected turnaround times).

STEP 5:   Submit the intake form, and expect to hear from Zena via email within a few days to finalize your ZOOM appointment. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 4-6 week turnaround time for all script critiques. Upon submission, you will receive an email outlining any additional next steps.

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What People Are Saying:

Zena has provided valuable insight for the contextual depth of my screenplays and treatments. Her quality advice and ideas for refining the natural progression of my character's story arc prompted me to dub her, “The Yoda of Screenwriting”. I couldn't have asked for more. She is a God-send."

Keith Offutt

Zena doesn't just know the ins and outs of storytelling; she's a master of the craft. Her advice as a story consultant and writing coach is invaluable to her clients. Zena and I have had many discussions pertaining to my work. Again and again, she impresses me with how incredibly focused, hard-working, and dedicated she is to making every project the best it can be. If you have the opportunity to work with her, don't let it pass you by!

Sara McDermott Jain

I spent two years working on my MFA in script writing at Regent University’s film school. In that time span I left feeling like I had learned absolutely nothing. I met Zena for a stand alone critique during my Final Project in December of 2018, and what I was supposed to learn in the two years I was enrolled at Regent, Zena was capable of teaching me in less than two hours. Regent needs to give Zena my tuition because she did their job for them.

L. Danuta

I had the pleasure of having Zena critique a high stakes writing project. Zena’s feedback allowed me to see aspects of my project that needed special attention. She helped me to get it to a place where I felt confident in my writing. Needless to say, Zena turned a stressful project into a successful project.

Sherilynn Castel

There are very few people in this world who can coach someone on their story while preserving the central idea and extracting the most of it. Zena is most definitely one of those people. I had the privilege of meeting Zena in December of 2018. She was my creative advisor for my final portfolio for my MFA in Script and Screenwriting. She taught me in a month what most people take years to try and teach someone about story telling and script writing. I am really fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Zena.

Gabriella Rodriguez

As an advisor, Zena has been instrumental to my success in writing. She has a keen perception of characters, human nature and knowledge of how to propel a story forward.

Keriston Diggs

If you want a story coach who will tell you the truth and has the goods to steer you in the right direction, Zena’s the choice. She pulls no punches and she knows what works.

Pam Miller

I benefited tremendously from Zena's insight while working on my final project in graduate school. I was amazed at how accurately she assessed the structural problems and story arc issues, while clearly understanding where I wanted to take my story. I was so impressed by her astute observations and approach, her constructive examples, that I would absolutely seek her out for further script analyses.

Leigh Scott

Zena possesses the ability to walk clients through the story process, enabling them to bring their projects alive. Her love for the power of stories and her respect for those who create them make Zena Dell Lowe a valuable resource for creatives looking for help to make their projects soar.

Donna Mumma

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Zena to discuss a story concept that’s been dogging me for months. The series is stuck in my head, but never reaches my keyboard. I couldn’t figure out why. She listened to my idea, my characters, and the theme I was envisioning. Diagnosis? My concept is an ensemble piece; I needed to re-orient the flow to better manage multiple characters. The real kicker? Less than 30 minutes. Total. I’ve agonized over a sentence longer than that. I’d recommend Zena for anyone with a story to tell—especially the story that won’t cooperate. Save yourself a lot of time and effort. Work with her.

Lee Owen

Zena is highly intelligent, and is one of the best story consultants around. Zena has brilliant insights and is able to turn the light on for a writer who is too close to their own material to see what needs modified or trimmed. She is able to teach and consult with other creators, on a high level of rare skill. I trust her instincts.

Richard Rossi